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Kent, owner of Prestige Services recently came through The World’s Fastest Drying System Course at Reets Drying Academy for a second time. This is his testimonial of this water restoration course, along with what he thinks of Reets.TV Online Water Restoration Training.

You may have noticed that Reets.TV has a sparkling, minty fresh new look. Our hardworking web developer beavers have been hard at work to add some shine to Reets.TV.

Our goal is to make Reets.TV easier to use, and easier on the eyes. We made the website lighter and cleaner so that your videos stand front and center with minimum distraction. You will notice that your member videos are now displayed against a light background in a larger player (for those viewing them on a personal computer). We’ve also removed all the clutter on the video pages.

More changes are coming! Our aim is to offer you a more pleasant environment to view your videos.

Don’t change that dial! Stay tuned!

Last week we wrapped up filming 7 new episodes for Reets.TV. In this behind-the-scenes video, Jeremy talks about what to expect in these upcoming episodes – including several segments on moisture meters and how to use them effectively.

Reets.TV is filmed by 16×9 Cinema.

[UPDATE Saturday, April 9, 2011 – all exclusive membership videos have been migrated to a new content delivery system (CDN). The new CDN is able to adjust your video download size based on your current bandwidth. So if you have a slower connection, the video that you access will be smaller. Also, the CDN is now capable of detecting when you are using an iPhone or iPad and thus allow your membership videos to play without Adobe’s Flash. Soon we will also give our members with very fast (20Mbps+) internet access the opportunity to view their videos in true HD. ]

This past Monday Reets TV went live!

Of course, as true with many new ventures sometimes there’s a bit of growing pain as the kinks are worked out. One thing I’ve been working on is improving the performance of our streaming videos. At the moment, unless you have a high speed connection, the download times for the videos are painful. By high speed I mean something like a Comcast connection with 20Mbps download speed. But not for long! And if you have an iPhone or iPad… well, ouch!

But not for long!

Over the weekend I’m migrating our videos to a new platform that automatically detects your bandwidth and your playback device. If you have a truly high speed connection – you will get a top-notch HD video at 720p. On the other hand if you are on a DSL connection that nominally has a 1.5Mbps download speed (and in practice it is typically much lower), then the video player will adapt to a smaller video file. Finally, if you want to view your videos on an iPad or iPhone, the video player automatically detects that, too, and provides a video file just right for iOS devices. Since the player is able to detect if you do not have Flash, the videos should be accessible to any non-Flash device with a modern HTML5 capable browser.


In this presentation, Reets TV founder Jeremy Reets, will show you the 5 building blocks of profit for your water damage restoration business based on real world field experience. Jeremy explains how his restoration business increased profits. Learn 3 proven methods that works for his water damage restoration business and will work for your business, too. Jeremy introduces Reets TV online video training to help you build your business profits and help your technicians be the world’s best.

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Jeremy Reets – Founder of Reets Drying Academy & Reets TV

The level of success that Reets Drying Systems and our students have achieved in a relatively short period of time is incredible. I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me so I am giving back to you. I am going to start helping you market your business AND delivering water damage leads as a FREE gift to anyone that has ever attended one of my classes!

In addition, I have a totally new product that is going to be an exciting part of your business’ growth. I am going to release the details of both of these in a webinar on February 1st.  This is the first Reets Drying Webinar EVER. Yeah, its a big deal. Whether you have attended a Reets Drying Academy class or not, sign up right now. It will be worth it!